“On Domestic Abuse — One More Thing to Read” A Reblog

“Bruises don’t always show, and we are not around her most of the time. Furthermore, emotional scars manifest in different ways. Victims find ingenious ways to cope with the terror, which again doesn’t happen round the clock. There may be long intervals between incidents, and the victim can lie to herself and say, “I’m not a victim of domestic abuse. I’m not like those women on TV. My husband isn’t like that!”

On Domestic Abuse — One More Thing to Read

This is such a meaningful story. This leads us to ask the question “What do we do?”. If you suspect a friend or loved one is in an abusive relationship it is very concerning that there seem to be very few safe ways to help. Often times abusers threaten their spouses families or friends and/or convince them that they couldn’t live on their own. These tactics make it very hard for friends and family to help. This narration shows the difficulty level that helping has reached and we must hope that she is doing alright. -F

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